Now What?

(Journal #1: January 12, 2005) Post #7

Dr. Duncan called yesterday to tell me the radiologist believes the mass did absorb the contrast and suspects lymphoma.  The good news is he did not see any other suspicious areas.  Now what?  

Dr. Duncan suggests a PET scan which can confirm/dismiss cancer, expose any other suspicious places, and eliminate unnecessary surgery.  So, I’ll get to work with my general physician to get this done.

I feel so strongly now why You gave me the revelation about Peter walking on water.  Without warning this mass is here, but Jesus you are still the answer!  I feel like I’m in the process of my healing miracle (walking on water) and if I don’t look at the storm (bad reports, fear, doubt, unbelief) and keep my eyes on You and trust You, I will walk right through this storm with You holding out Your hand to me.  Thank you, Lord.

In 2 Kings 6, Elisha was surrounded by the enemy.  His servant was afraid and Elisha told him not to fear because “those that be with us are more than those against us.”  He prayed for God to open the servant’s spiritual eyes and he saw thousands of fiery chariots!  But, just because the servant could see the angels in the spiritual realm didn’t make the enemy disappear in the natural realm! I feel like you’re telling me that two truths can co-exist.  I have healing in the spiritual realm, but still see sickness in the natural.  The power of faith brings the truth of the spirit to the natural.  Healing comes from inside out.  I must see myself whole before I actually experience it naturally.  Wow!

When David fought Goliath, he remembered the victories You had already given him. He didn’t let the size of his enemy scare him into thinking You would not come through for him. Saul and others tried to talk David out of battling Goliath by pointing out his small stature and trying to put fear and doubt into his mind.  But David ran toward Goliath and told him that his God would defeat him. He didn’t sit back and wait to be attacked. 

Lymphoma is Goliath to me!  So hear this, lymphoma… you are defeated!

Hebrews 4:14 …let us hold firmly to the faith we profess.

Hebrews: 4:16 Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.

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