Don’t You Remember?

June 24, 2024  (Post #73)

(From Journal #53:  May 12, 2023)

I’ve been reading Matthew Chapter 16 where You rebuked the disciples for not remembering the times You miraculously fed the multitudes and had leftovers of the fish and loaves.  I kept underlining “don’t you remember” because You said it 3 times.  

I took that to heart and started reminding myself  “don’t you remember?” all the times that You’ve been faithful to me.  I could never even list all the times.  And yet Lord, I wish I could honestly say that I do always remember and never get into fear, doubt and unbelief when tough times come and the next crisis hits.  

I’ve also been reading again about when You led the Israelites out of Egypt into the Promised Land.  With all the spectacular miracles You performed over and over, they consistently grumbled and complained and did not remember Your faithfulness.

It’s easy for me to self-righteously judge these faith failures in the Bible and question how could they not remember when You did such BIG miracles???  Lord, I am just as guilty!  You may not have literally parted a sea for me to pass through, but oh how You’ve made ways for me when there seemed to be no way!  Over and over You have blessed me, healed me, helped me, protected me, provided for me, and even died for me!  

Forgive me Lord for every time I’ve forgotten to remember Your faithfulness.  We live in a broken and fallen world.  Trials and tribulations happen to us all.  I want my first reaction to not be panic and fear, but to listen for Your still, small voice in my head saying, “Margie, don’t you remember…?”

(Matthew 16:8-11):   Jesus knew what the disciples were saying among themselves, and He took them to task. “You men of little faith, do you really think that I care which baker you patronize? After spending so much time with Me, do you still not understand what I mean? So you showed up without bread; why talk about it? Don’t you remember that we fed 5,000 men with five rounds of flatbread? Don’t you remember that we fed 4,000 men with seven rounds of bread? Don’t you remember what excess, what abundance there was—how many broken pieces and crusts you collected after everyone had eaten and was sated? So when I speak about leaven, I am not talking about what we will eat for dinner. I say again, avoid the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees.  (The Voice New Testament)

8 responses to “Don’t You Remember?”

  1. Clark Miller says:

    Wow again. So so good!! Love you my friend!!

  2. Mike joyner says:

    How often I have forgotten you Lord. And all that you have done for me. Thanks Margie.

    • Pearl says:

      You are not alone, my friend. Too often I have forgotten all the times the Lord has delivered
      me because my first reaction was fear and not remembering His faithfulness.

  3. Arland Steen says:

    A great article – simple but so true.

    • Pearl says:

      Thank you so much, Pastor Arland. You have had such a profound influence in my life to help
      me learn the Word of God. I am saddened at myself for all the times I allow stress in and forget
      the faithfulness of God and think “I” have to handle things on my own.

  4. Robbi Jamieson Jonas says:

    Oh boy,does this hit home! I am guilty of not remembering His faithfulness as my first response. Thankfully, His faithfulness isn’t dependent on mine!! Great post, as always.

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